As owner and winemaker of Sheridan Vineyard, Scott oversees all aspects of farming and winemaking. His passion and commitment to crafting world-class wines grows stronger with each vintage. As a self-taught winemaker, he understands the importance of the unique site known as Sheridan.


Karen has been with Sheridan since 2007. Having spent 15 years in the pharmaceutical industry, she brings her expertise in customer service and business operations. She is a key component of the team, managing everything from day to day operations to overseeing and planning the all important Exclusive Member events.


Chris plays a pivotal role at Sheridan, monitoring the many aspects of the winemaking process on a daily basis. His MacGyver-like talents keep all operations running efficiently. Known for his sense of humor and his distinctive laugh, you can always count on Chris to keep things light.

Big John

Chef Big John's relationship with Sheridan began in 2003. Since that time he has designed and executed numerous multi-course menus and meals featuring the exquisite wines of Sheridan. This relationship has grown over the years with Big John now providing his invaluable culinary talent and marketing know-how.

Reserve Cabernet

Joel was Sheridan's first employee, hired back in 1998 as a laborer. Since that time, his role has grown dramatically. He's responsible for overseeing everything in the vineyard from the hiring of workers to equipment maintenance. His love and respect for the vineyard is a work in progress and shows in all of his work. It would be hard to imagine Sheridan without him.